Hall of Fame

Incorporated in 2002, the Canadian Supreme Virtual Hall of Fame honours the history of those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in preserving and promoting the useful training traditions of the western horseman. Each inductee is honoured at the Saturday evening performance of the show and presented with a plaque.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Year Name Category
2013 Roger Heintz Builder
2013 John Miller Builder
2013 BL Whiz Kid Stallion
2011 Jim Dobler & Heather McLevin Breeder
2011 Jim Dobler Non Pro Rider
2011 Elaine Speight Non Pro Rider
2011 Caught Me Lookin Stallion
2011 Jacs Main Sail Stallion
2010 Lena Dually Mare
2010 Shawna Sapergia Open Rider
2010 High Sign Nugget Stallion
2009 Duce Family Breeder
2009 DFL Hickory D Or Mare
2009 Candy War Pine Mare
2009 Cols Agile Angel Mare
2009 Smart Peppy Date Stallion
2007 Gerry & Sandy Hansma Breeder
2007 Locke Duce Open Rider
2006 S/W Red Velvet Mare
2006 Carl Gerwien Non Pro Rider
2006 Gerry Hansma Open Rider
2006 Brad Pedersen Open Rider
2006 Les Timmons Open Rider
2006 Smart Little Baggins Stallion
2005 Dave Manning Builder
2004 Cliffs Mia Doc Mare
2004 Dolly Gun Mare
2004 Miss Lena Jose Mare
2004 Opie’s Madonna Mare
2003 Bill Kehler Builder
2003 Genuine Peppy Stallion
2003 Hotrodder Disco Stallion
2003 Major Rene Stallion
2003 Pepinics Master Stallion
2002 Truman Kennedy Breeder
2002 Gordon MacDonald Breeder
2002 Bill & Elaine Speight Breeder
2002 Willow Spring Ranch – Carl & Julia Gerwien Breeder