Tie Breakers

#1 – Cow Horse Competitors:  In the case of a tie for first place, the champion shall be determined by the highest cow work score.  If a tie remains then; a work off between tied competitors, cow work only, or if mutually agreed upon the contestants will be declared Co-Champions and a coin will be flipped for the prizes.

#2 – Cutting Competitors:  If there is a tie for first place an any major NCHA event, a work-off, may be held.  The highest score in the work-off determines the champion of the event, with the second highest score being the reserve champion.  However, prize money is equally split between the horses tied for first place regardless of the outcome of the work-off.

#3 – Reining Competitors:  All ties for first place will be broken if the tied exhibitors agree to a run-off.  Tied exhibitors may choose not to run-off, agreeing instead to be named co-champions, but must determine the winner of the awards by a mutually agreed upon tiebreaker such as a flip of a coin.  However, when one exhibitor opts to run-off and the other does not, the exhibitor who declines to run-off will forfeit first place to the other(s).