Premium Stalls

If you are stabled in the premium stalls (Agricentre), beware that the West end of the Agricentre is under construction.  There is no parking for trailers or RV’s on the west or north side of the Agricentre.  There is enough room for two rows of 35′ (or less) trailers, one row backed in straight and tight to the rails on the south side and the other row straight and tight to the chain link fence on the south side.  This will leave a 25′ fire lane between the two rows and access to the construction site.  Trailers longer than 35′ will need to find parking elsewhere on the Westerner grounds.

If you would like to make changes (move to the tents, add tack stalls, etc.) to your stalls because of this new information, please e-mail by Sunday, September 2nd.



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